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    Start your trip with a stop at Monument Valley Visitor’s Center where Daniel’s Guided Tours is located.  

    Monument Valley is a mystical land of jagged pinnacles, soaring buttes and shifting sands.  A land of harsh beauty - what once was an inland sea has been transfigured by endless time into a mile high valley wonderland of splintered, abraded and tortured sandstone monoliths. 

    This is the chosen home of the Navajos.  In 1938, John Ford and John Wayne made “Stage Coach” here, making Monument Valley known worldwide for scores of movies and T.V. commercials. 


    Self guided tours only offer a short one way loop. 

    Daniel’s Guided Tours explores deep into the restricted areas of Monument Valley within a 28 mile loop, stopping and sharing with you details about each viewpoint:  The Totem Pole, with it’s magnificent dunes, The Ear of the Wind, Eye of the Sun, and witness Susie Yazzie’s weaving inside her hogan. 

We will customize the tour to your wishes!



Welcome to Monument Valley Tours Monument Valley Guided Tours

“On my first trip into Monument Valley,      Daniel Chee took me to

the Totem Pole for a      Sunrise Tour. When I witnessed the light slowly climbing up the dunes and warming up the rocks behind them, I was hooked!  Daniel Chee and his helpers have driven me into the valley now for the past 25 years.  I would never consider any other guide as his tours are always unforgettable!”

Fiamma Zanelli.

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