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Advanced Reservations Available !!!


(435) 727-3227

Email: danielsguidedtours@gmail.com

“ We were taken to places reserved only for private tours.  Daniel showed us ‘Totem Pole’, ‘The Famous Dunes’, and we visited with Susie Yazzie at a traditional Navajo Hogan.” 

“The ‘magic’ of seeing Monument Valley is discovering it with

Daniel Chee”

“Our guide, Daniel, showed us his secret sites.

‘Ear of the Wind’,

‘Sun’s Eye’, and

‘Big Hogan Mountain’ are not available on unescorted tours, and Mystery Valley was surely the topper.”


Mystery Valley, which is adjacent to Monument Valley,

is also available for PRIVATE TOURS.

Natural Arches, Ancient Anasazi Dwelling, Painted Rock Art, Petroglyphs...

You can not see these places on your own. ( These are a few of Daniel’s secrets. )

Special tours can also be arranged to visit ‘TEARDROP ARCH’

Daniel’s Guided Tours

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“I have NEVER seen anything as spectacular as sunrise or sunset out here in Monument Valley”

Photographs © Fiammetta Zanelli 1993-2008. All rights reserved.